Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a deal!!!!

I have felt like an evangelist on the loose lately. First, it was Lasik that gave me 20/15 eye sight and set me free from glasses and contacts. Now, I am Logos’ favorite volunteer marketer (remember that Wendy’s commercial awhile back:) When I realized we were heading to Africa and that I was not going to be able to take my books with me, I began to get serious about learning the Logos Libronix bible software. The more I learned, the more zealous I became. I love this Bible software, and after attending a training, going through all the training manuals, and helping others learn the program, I am dangerously on the loose. I met with the Special Projects manager at Logos and we began to dream of how Logos
could help both missionaries in the field as well as national pastors. Well, I think the people at Logos figured they better join me instead of fight me. So, they have invited me to be a leader of a user group at their headquarters once a month and have even set up a special account so if anyone buys any of their bible software with my web link to Logos, then Logos will donate 25% of the cost of the software to our Africa outgoing expenses. So, now I am really on the loose. Seriously, though, if you are interested or have been thinking about buying
some bible software, I would love to show you how amazing this Bible software is and help train you in it as well. If you are interested, and you would like to purchase some LOGOS BIBLE SOFTWARE, you will save 25%, we will receive a 25% donation to our ministry to Africa AND you get some amazing software!!! If you do purchase some software an dwant me to show you how to use it, just email me... I would love to give you a demonstration. Follow the link and email me at if you have any questions!!!!

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Mark said...

Stevie - I want to talk with you about logos. I miss you friend and I'm proud to observe your obedience, I'm coming to visit!