Friday, April 27, 2007

Our life as we prepare for Zambia

Stephanie and I do our first missionary talk this Sunday at Northlake, titled, "Why not us? How these words changed our lives." It has been interesting reflecting over the past year and few months on how God led us to this place. Pretty crazy...

We took inventory of our house today, making a list for each item:
Keep, Sell, Give Away..

A bunch of crazy emotions were experienced during those couple of hours, a sense of "Wow, I have so much stuff," to "I don't want to sell that," to "Whew, it sure feels good to be almost free of this stuff."

We are putting together a Missionary board thing (for lack of better word) to put up in the foyer on Sunday. I have seen these missionary boards a lot over years, but I never really expected to have one myself.

I told my Chocolate and Vanilla story to my kids tonight. Chocolate and Vanilla are two bunnies that talk and they go on adventures with three little girls named, Kamryn, Bradyn and Julia. Anyway, the story took place at the Woodland Park Zoo where they met a giraffe named Geoffrey who shared about what Africa would be like. It was a good one:)

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