Monday, April 30, 2007

In the world of Julia

Julia went to play with her friend Madeline today. Madeline's mommy, Ms. Jenny, picked up Julia to go their house and had quite the funny conversation. It went something like this:

Julia: My daddy is moving to Zambia.
Ms. Jenny: Really, are you moving there too?
Julia: No, we are moving to Africa. My daddy has to work, so he is going to Zambia.
Ms. Jenny: Wow. Are you excited.
Julia: Yes, I am.
Ms. Jenny: Are you scared?
Julia: Yes, I am scared of the lions.
Ms. Jenny: Why are you scared of lions?
Julia: Because they roar. Are you going to come and visit us?
Ms. Jenny: Yes, I would like too.
Julia: That would be nice.

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