Thursday, May 31, 2007

My letter to the parents of our church...

Changing of the guard...
I thought it would be interesting for those not involved in our church to read this letter I sent to the parents and students in the youth ministries... Only 2 weeks and I am done at Northlake... Please be praying for the transition! Thanks!

Last October on the way back from Zambia, I had an overnight stop in London and so I decided to make the most of it. I went to the London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. I also made my way to the famous Buckingham Palace where I saw the Guard. You know the guard who stands there forever and doesn’t move. I watched him closely and I saw his eyes blink. But, other than the blinking of the eyes, he was pretty still. It was very impressive to watch him do nothing for a long time. Well, my timing wasn’t right to watch the daily changing of the guard, which bummed me out big time.

It reminds me a bit of the church. The timing of the change in a church is often very difficult to watch because most of the time a guy goes out before another comes in, thus it means search parties and long interviews and bringing an unknown guy who requires lots of time for relationships to build. This last year has been different. It is proof that God answers prayer (God, if you really want me to go to Africa, please bring in someone who can continue what you have allowed me to begin here), it requires walking in faith (O.K., God I will email Steve right now at 12:00 am and ask about an internship at Northlake not knowing that this is the morning he proposes his new budge for the fall) and it denotes that things can be different than they always have been (pastors and elders working together to bring on an intern and allow for a great relationship to grow between both the church, the students and the parents over a year).

It is rare to see a good changing of guard both in England and in the church, but hopefully this change will be a little different. It doesn’t mean the leaving of relationships will be easy, as I am going to miss the friendships with this church and the students immensely, and it doesn’t mean that Blake won’t have a few learning curves to jump over and work through, but it does mean that God has shown clearly to be in this move. So as Blake comes in and I move out, may we all celebrate God in his love for the church that he cares enough to answer prayer and may we join in the change instead of watching as spectators. May we be the change, bearing much fruit and reaching Whatcom and the world for Christ. Thank you for your support and friendship over the year… Please keep us in your prayers and check our blog every once in awhile – !

God bless,


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