Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sharing at Oikos Fellowship

This morning I had a chance to share a bit about our ministry at a neat church in Bellingham called Oikos Fellowship. A part of the Acts 29 network, this church was planted in Bellingham about 2 years ago. The pastor, Pete Williamson, is an amazing guy and I have enjoyed getting to know him. We had a chance to enjoy meeting some people at this church and I look forward to going back on August 19 to preach. Next week on July 15 we will have a commissioning service at Northlake Community Church along with an evening meeting where we will share about the ministry. On July 22 we will have an interview and sharing time at Crossroads Bible Church Thanks for your prayers!

(Nice blur on the hands, huh? I wasn't even preaching and I was moving:)

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