Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pastors Conference

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was part of a conference of 20 men who came together from all over America to talk about how we can help equip pastors in developing countries. Doug Nichols (pictured) is the founder of Action International led the meetings. (if you still haven't heard his talk he gave at Northlake, click here!!!! Don't miss it!!!) It was especially exciting because there were two other missionaries going to Zambia, Glenn Ripley who is home on furlough and is the director of Action Zambia and Tracey Singleton, a pastor in Chicago area, who is heading over in January, Lord Willing. It was an amazing 24 hours being with these godly men. I didn't feel worthy to be in the company of these godly missionaries and pastors who are comitted to reaching not only America but also equpping the 85% of unequipped pastors in the world. We are down to 11 days now which just blows me away... We pack tomorrow and Friday, Saturday we have reception/good-bye party at the Collins', Sunday is our last day at Northlake and then it is our last week in Bellingham. Thanks for your support!

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