Friday, August 31, 2007

This is a good one:)

Kurt Warner provides the 3-2-1 countdown as we head into the final days before we leave for Africa. And since we are into #'s here are few interesting ones:

24 - The number of hours the journey will take (pending all goes well) - 9 hours from Seattle to London, 8 hour layover and 9 hours from London to Lusaka.
18 - # of bags we ended up with (includes homeschooling books, clothes and all our kids friends as well.)
12 - the number of hours the ipod will supposedly last with out a charge. We'll see.
8 - the number of backyardigans I bought for the plane on the Ipod. They love watch the Ipod video.
4 - the number of grandparents and parents we leave behind as we feel the pain of leaving for us and for them...

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