Monday, September 17, 2007

Get out and Vote!!!

I am not sure if you have been following the poll on Kamryn's blog, but the action is heating up. So far, the spiders are winning as the scariest animal in Africa, (even though it is not really an animal, it is still scary). You only have 19 more hours to get your vote in... Just so you can put it into perspective, I have put a few pictures on this posting of stuff we have seen in our yard. The spider was in our hallway last night. I hate spiders... FREAKY!!! And, it was ironic that I was talking to a team member this morning on the way back home from a team meeting that snakes weren't really a problem in our neighborhood area... Well, this was by our back porch with a huge frog in its mouth...AUGHHH!!!! The guards killed it and buried it. This was really unusual, but we appreciate any prayers for safety... We have seen rats and lizards... Thankfully, we haven't seen a lion in our backyard, and feel pretty safe in saying that we won't have to worry about that:)

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