Thursday, September 13, 2007

Left is right.

I went out driving today. I figured I needed practice because tomorrow I go into town to pick up my car. Downtown is crazy town so I figured I best at least have a little practice:) It wasn't too bad driving, except I kept turning on the window wiper when I wanted to turn left! I even managed a round a bout! The world always says driving on the left side is the right side. Time will have to tell. We enjoyed a nice laid back day with the birthday girl. She had a nice brunch with her ACTION lady friends, played a game with our girls, and then we went to dinner at a restaurant called Rhapsody's and a movie (yes, they have a movie theater that was really nice and it was only $5.50 for both of us!!!) Our girls went with some team members to a BBQ at a campground not to far out of town and they saw wild life. They saw a.... (sorry, it is clasified info - check back around bed time when they wake up to see some really amazing pics) Appreciate your prayers for my trek back to the house from town with my car... Around 8:30am or if you are still up 11:30 your time!


Papa said...

Steph, It sounds like you had a different birthday but a fun one.
We were thinking about you today.
Happy Birthday!!!(:
Love Mogga and Papa

Unknown said...


are you guys able to be out in the evening in the city? what was the movie theatre like? did they serve ...popcorn % juju bees? :)

Happy Birthday Steph!

Anonymous said...

happy Birthday Sister!! I loved reading the is my first time since you left. I am so proud of all you are doing! RATS...yikes. You are brave and truly amazing people! We miss you already, but know you are where you are meant to be! Hugs and kisses to the girls!
I have to say I have been feeling sorry for myself because Dave has been working a ton and I haven't seen him much, but after reading about what you are all experiencing and seeing I truly am ashamed of how I have been feeling. We are blessed beyond words and I am going to give him a huge hug when he gets home tonight!

love to you all!!