Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A moment of wow...

I was standing there playing volleyball and it hit me afresh and anew. Wow, I am in Africa. Yep, our first full day in Africa went by fairly well. I got my work permit so we are officially official. We unpacked our 18 bags. And we had our first Braai. This is a Ssouth African word for cook out or bbq. We celebrated with our team 4 birthdays, including 3 year old Ireen who is a Zambian adoptee and is so cute. We also celebrated the welcomings of us and the Melvilles... Lots of fun playing volleyball, a craft extravaganza, a blow up toy and much, much more. We had it at our house so it was fun to host... The pictures of our Braai are included. We venture out tomorrow into the city for shopping and a tour of the city. We are finding new things here everday that are helping us to appreciate different things back home... So, in the effort to help you people back in the US not to take things for granted, I give you the Be Thankful list... Be thankful that you are not having issues with a rat in your house:) Yep, we are on rat patrol after a couple of sightings and much evidence. When was the last time you thanked God that you didn't have a rat in your house? (We think we successfully trapped the rat when we saw it run up the chimney so we turned the coffee table on its side and will hopefully not be dealing with it tonight anymore at least. They have these little wall spiders that live in between the baseboards and the wall that are a little freaky. I have seen three. I never remember ever thanking God that I didn't have spiders in my house. All in good fun though, because we are doing well and even though we are feeling tired and worn, we are encouraged and thankful for much. Our emotions go up and down. The girls are feeling tired and overloaded but are so adaptable and are so cute. Tomorrow we head into the city for some touring and shopping...


Webmaster said...

Praise the Lord for He is good.

We are all rejoicing with you. We're just a tad jealous of the inflatable toy in your back yard, but not of the rats and spiders...fair trade, I suppose!

Go get 'em Allens!

We love you!!!!!
The Bigleys

Nan said...

How exciting to see the Lord's provision for all of you ...from the good travel experience,to the warm welcome at your new home and now, fun & fellowship with your team. Isn't God GOOD? Thanks for sharing!

The Mullens

LadyBee said...

So glad you made it there safely and the adventure has begun for you!

As someone who went with small children to live overseas once upon a time may I say that you are bound to feel off balance and out of sync for a while. It's an awful lot to take in. . .

Deborah Ferguson

stevevs said...

Howdy I'm Elise's dad, Steve Van Sinderen (Sharon Lyon's brother also). Seeing your kids playing with our grandkids was totally cool. I got a tempoary grandkid fix. I know Luke and Elise were excited for you guys' arrival. God's good! Steve

Anonymous said...

Hey Allen family!
We just wanted to say hi and that we are thinking and praying for you guys! We've really enjoyed reading the blogs and looking at the pictures to get a better idea of what your doing! We will continue to pray for you all and for the ministry God has blessed you with!
Much love,
Matt & Danielle McDowell