Friday, September 07, 2007

More thoughts...

Greetings... I don't expect to write every day but thought I would write a lot this week and month to reflect and to let you know all that is happening...

The Action Zambia team has set up a pretty great orientation schedule for this month, including meetings, trips to different orphanages, pastor conferences and orientations. They have also set up dinners at different team members houses which has been so great this week. One, we don't have to cook and two, we get to know people so much better and three, you are usually so lagging by dinner that their new friends pumps my kids full of enthusiasm and laughter. It is so fun to see little Julia having such a good time and Bradyn, too, because the kids are their ages, too. We went out to dinner out at the farm at the Whitfield place. It is about 3o minutes outside the city and it is what you think of when you think of Africa. Living in the city as we do, it is a bit different than what some think of when you think of Africa. I love the wildness and the landscape... it is so beautiful and so it is great to be basically in the bush in just a short time. There are many needs in the bush, but the needs are just as great and sometimes greater because people come from all over to find work in the city which results in overcrowded conditions and deplorable living. Today on the way out to dinner at the Whitfields we got a good tour of Lusaka through some of the more poor areas. It is true that money is not everything and in fact many times, these poorer families are much richer in relationships and in their love for laughter and life. But it is also true that some are desperate for survival. The neighbors I told you about, they have picked and cooked/boiled grass to have something to eat. Today we got a knock at the gate and there was a boy pointing at some water containers. I thought he was selling something so I said no thanks and closed the gate, but he kept knocking. I learned later that the neighbors come by and get water from our outside faucet. I asked one of the team members about it and he said that often they come by and get water because they have no access to water. It was humbling moment...

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your emails and especially the comments!!!! We will get back to you personally as time allows, but please know that we love them, need them and are so encouraged by them... Oh, in case you haven't checked it out... kamryn's blog is
Take care!!!


molly lilja said...

Oh Steph I am just loving this blog. I check it every day, sometimes twice. hehehe. We are all so excited for you, I hope you keep up blogging, for those of us who are living vicariously through you! Lots of love,
Molly and gang

Daniel McDowell said...

J and I love the pictures, especially the one when you have just arrived at the airport and are on the tarmac.
For my Old Testament compentancy exam
I took this past week, which I thought that I would fail but somehow passed, I ran across this verse which I thought was a very fitting blessing...
Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

love you guys