Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today we had a new treat for lunch. It is called Nshima, the Zambian staple food. I asked our house helper Miriam if she would make it for us. Nshima is made from maize or cornmeal, here they call it "mealie meal". Then they make relishes to eat with it. One of the Zambian favorite relishes is with tiny dried fish called kapenta. We have yet to try that relish, but Miriam made a delicious relish today with a chicken we had in the freezer, onions, and tomatoes. And, get this, you eat with your hands. Steve was gone today so the girls and I were here to enjoy this experience ourselves at lunch. (We ate the leftovers for dinner so he got to have it then.) Basically, you ball the nshima up in your hands and then dip it in whatever sauce you have. It was very good. The girls all loved it! Especially Julia, her plate was spotless. She kept saying, "this is so good, thank you aunty Miriam." I had to agree. We pulled the chicken off the bones with our fingers as we were eating. She gave us a big bowl and a pitcher of water to wash our hands with when we were done. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We reheated the leftovers for dinner and it was good the second time around too, we even had a power outage midway through so we got to eat with our fingers in the dark!!

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