Saturday, September 22, 2007

A *safari to remember...


The place of our safari today was pretty cool. I put anasterik because it wasn't what most think of a safari. It wasn't all day, we didn't have to camp out and it wasn't a ton of money ($5 dollars). That is why it was perfect. Perfect for little kids, perfect for big kids. Perfect. The Safari was really cool. You felt like you were out there. It was a lodge that has acreage and has some wild, caged and tame animals. The safari was about 45 minutes from our house and it took an hour to drive around. We saw zebras, puku, antelopes, baboons (from a distance), Lions, and an elephant. I can't describe how cool it was to drive out there... Within 5 minutes after leaving the outskirts of the city, it was bush country. Just like what you see in pictures. Oxes pulling carts, people standing by the side of the road selling tomatoes, and little villages along the way. You felt like you were out there. The first stop were the lions. They were the caged ones, a big cage, like the six football fields, but you could walk right up to them and be literally be within 6 inches of this massive creature. It was incredible. Lions are HUGE and intimidating and beautiful. The guard waved his hand in the air and the lion who was laying right along the fence roared. Another lion was tracking Irene and when she started to walk, chased after and leapt up near the fence. We then went into the cages where they sleep at night, and saw a lion, like a HUGE MAINED LION, again, within 6 inches, in a cage. He was there because he, the son, and the father lion, fight. So they have to separate them out. We then went and saw the Elephant. Huge. He came right up to the car and it was tremendous just sitting there touching this huge creature. As you can see we got on the back of the animal and wow, really just a cool experience. We then went for a drive and saw all kinds of wild animals. They were like the cherry on top of this huge ice cream sundae - baboons running across the field, zebras, crazy horned antelopes and pukus and these beautiful deer type animals. We then went over to this large cement hole and actually held a baby python. Kamryn was the first and she gave the rest of us courage to hold this snake. It was so crazy, feeling the stomach move and to feel it twist around your arm. All in all, a great adventure appreciating God's amazing creation.

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Jeffrey and Rebecca said...

Steph what cool pictures you posted today!!! I love seeing you!! I am praying for you my friend! LOVE YOU!!!!
REBECCA rogers