Sunday, September 09, 2007

Water - an addendum

My (Steve's) last post included a little story about a boy coming to our gate for water. They live in shack that doesn't have water. It was a humbling moment that turned into a little bible time lesson with my girls. I showed them some pictures and read some statistics in the back of our Faith in Action Bible which stated that over one billion people lack clean drinking water and 50-75% of people in Zambia lack clean drinking water. Every day we have to boil our water, and then filter it through this filter thing and then put it into a brita to have pure water... If we don't keep up, we actually run out of clean water. It is annoying, a little hard and constant thing hanging over us. But it is nothing compared to the 1 billion that don't have any access to water. We talked about how important clean water is and as I shared about this story of the boy coming to our gate, I wanted them to appreciate that we have good water to drink and without it we couldn't survive. I then read them the account of the woman at the well in John 4 and shared how Jesus used water to show how dependent we are on water and how we will always need water to live. But, Jesus is the water that wells up to eternal life. And I shared with them that just as we are here, for example, to help this boy and his family have water, we are here even more to share the life-giving water of Jesus. So, go turn on that tap and drink with gusto. And as you do, say a prayer for the billions who have no water... And if you wonder what you can do, check out this website!

On other notes, we went to our first church service... Check for a funny anecdote. We are being attacked by killer mice. Well, not killer, but being killed mice as i got one today with my foot, the guards kills another and we saw two more on the porch tonight. I gave them some peanut butter for treat later tonight:) School starts tomorrow for the Allen Academy and I have my first Action International team meeting... The schedule begins! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

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