Friday, September 21, 2007

Would you still marry me ?

Stephanie and I have this little thing we do, or I guess, I should say, I do, where I ask her if she could do it all over again, would she still marry me. She usually says yes. Sometimes I make weird faces and I say, "if I looked like this would you still marry me" and so on. Well, two days ago we found out that Kamryn is gluten-intolerant like me, and that not only am I still gluten-intolerant, but we are both lactose intolerant as well. So, in short, Dad, Kamryn and Bradyn (Julia will be determined next week) all have celiac disease and this allergy to milk. Well, it is hard enough trying to do that in America, but in Africa, it is really hard. And where did these precious daughters get this disease? 100% from me... So, today, when we got home from a long morning, and it is lunch time and we need to make lunch and it is really difficult, I just felt for my wife. She had to make a big thing of spaghetti and corn and it was, well, kind of a pain I am sure (being thankful that we have water and an oven and food to eat and all that stuff). And so I asked her during lunch, "If you had to do it all over again knowing what you know now, would you marry me?" She said, "Right now, No..." She said it with love and a bit of humor, but I thought I would just ask ya'll to remember my wife right now who sacrifices much and it is the true kind of sacrifice where she doesn't have it, but all her kids and husband does...(This picture is of our house helper Miriam and her two children.)

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