Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The differences between Zambia and America

I have been wanting to write this email for awhile, but too much other blog worthy stuff just came up. Anyway, many people have asked, "How is Zambia different?" Well, here goes a list of randomly observed things:

First, you drive on the other side of the road and the steering wheel is on the other side of the car.

In Zambia, the coca-cola cans are heavier, so there is this weird sensation when you think think you still have some pop left to find out you got nothing.

In Zambia, the money is called Kwacha and 4000 kwacha equals 1 US dollar.

Though they speak english, some of the words are different, like standing in line is queue up, stoplights are robots, and a cup is a glass.

There are very few fast food restaurants. The only American one is Subway and the South African one is Hungry Lion. (We haven't eaten at either)

In Zambia, everything is military 24 hour time. So, I will meet you at 17 hours (5:00pm) at the coffee place or I will call you at 20 hours (8:00pm).

Pharmacies are different. You don't need a prescription to get prescription.

You sleep under a mosquito net, you pay for cell phone and electric bill pre-pay, and you eat Nshima every day.

Most everyone has house help and only about 5% of the population has cars, so people walk everywhere.

Independence Day is celebrated on October 24th

Zambians expect friendly persons to call on them unannounced.

Anything considered “rural” is called “the bush

Average life-expectancy at birth is 35

AIDS affects over a quarter of the current population of the country

Over 90% of the nation is considered below the poverty line

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mollyllilja said...

wow, I love this stuff, totally interesting.
I hope that you are adapting okay, we pray for you all everyday. We just got a book about two American girls growing up in Africa to read and think of all of you!