Saturday, October 27, 2007


I met with Pastor Mwale again today. I went with the intention of meeting with the elders, but Zambia and many third world countries have what is called (they call it this) "BMT - Black Man's Time," so Pastor Mwale and I chatted in his home for a bit. We talked about his family of 11. I had him give me the children's name and age. They started with Martha at 28 and went down to John at age 8. (John is a real cutie.) We talked about conference and about communion and some of the differences and so forth. We then went to the elder meeting. Because their was a youth meeting happening in his one room church, we met outside on a bench in the shade. One of the elders prayed and then Pastor Mwale said, "O.K. you talk now." I hadn't really prepared for that, as I wanted to be a part of their meeting. But, I did anyway, talking about orphans and widows and how the church should be the ones who are reaching out to these vulnerable people and the leadership of the church should be setting the example. It was a good time, slightly awkward, but a good time.

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