Friday, October 19, 2007

"Just so you appreciate it" blog

Please don't take this as complaining at all... I just want to give you some "perspective." I remember the day when Stephanie and I made the huge splurging step and got broadband cable internet. It was very difficult to justify spending the $60 bucks a month, but with online banking and blogging, we just bit the bullet. Well, being here for almost two months has shed new light on the internet. We pay over $250 dollars for internet here. Thankfully we are splitting it three ways, but what is crazier is that you only get 10 gigs per month. And if you go over, it will cost you big time, plus they slow the internet down to like dial up speeds. In addition, this last week, apparently we had a spy ware problem, so it was at record slow speeds. I called in to find out why it wasn't working and they said there is unusual high activity, maybe a spyware problem. They said I needed to download a spyware program. I tried, but it wouldn't work to download because it was so slow. And so after a bunch of phone calls explaining my situation, they said I could come down to the office to get a spy ware program to kill the bad people in my computer. So, I did and loaded them up and saw the bad people and wanted to kill them (the spy things on my computer) but it required that I pay money. So, I go realllly slow to try and pay the money, but apparently, they no accept my money because I am in Africa, I guess. So I wake up early this morning and I am still in the same boat. I can't download spyware, I can't buy it, I can't call anyone because Skype doesn't work with slow internet. Aughhh... So, my friend Tim calls and has a free spy killer thing and we get it killed:) I called my internet company and they say we will call you back in 20 minutes. I call back in 45 minutes. Everything is good, they say. It is still no good I see. I call back and they call back and finally, internet is working, sort of... So, enjoy your unlimited movie downloads and picture sending for only $60 or less... And be patient with us slower friends of yours... The podcasts while seeming like a good idea might not be so feasible... We'll see!!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes don't you wish you could just smash your computer with a crowbar and somehow that would make it work right and make you feel good too? By the way, I just bought the AWANA pinecar durby cars last night and theres NO WAY your going to beat me this year! Ha Ha -Jerrad

Anonymous said...

Stephen F. Austin university, I am sorry it has taken me sooooo long to respond. I definitely miss you up here and look forward to your return....someday. Sorry to hear about the internet, and the bugs. I hope Jerrad hasn't said too many bad things about Wed. morn B-study...? We are attending the NU class doing the Truth Project and it has been excellent. Jerrad keeps us focused on Wed. mornings, and keeps Haggens from burning down (have him tell you this story). not much content here, but I look forward to chatting soon. Lance.