Monday, October 01, 2007


We have had a few people ask if they could send us packages and if we could send them the address. The answer is an unabashed yes!!!! Yes. Yes. Yes!!!! We have been told that large padded envelopes work best and don't attract as much attention as boxes. Although if you can't fit everything in an enevelope a box could work, it might just take longer.

No priority mail and no
registered mail. Just plain old mail.
(Depending on how much you wanted to can also use DHL or FEDEX. If you want to use those please contact us for the correct address as it will be our street address instead of a PO Box.)

USPS mail to:
ACTION Zambia C/O Steve Allen
P/B 230 X Ridgeway
Lusaka, Zambia

If you were wondering what you could send, here are a few ideas:)
1)Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour mixture is the best... This is foundation of everything Allen. 2) Bob's Red Mill chocolate chip cookie mixture. 3) Good novels/books. (we just finished the book The Last Jihad by Joel Rosenberg and we don't have the sequels so we are left hanging.) 4) Candy- Jujufruits, Jelly Bellys, Skittles, Starburst....these candies are all gluten and dairy free.5) DVD's- either new movies that you think we would like or dvd's of your family saying hello. Sermon cd's would be cool as well. Anything like that would be wonderful... Of course cards, stickers and pictures would be fun as well!!! Thanks!

Lemonheads, Black Forest Gummies, Grape Heads, Jellybellies, Gobstoppers,MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES, Laffy Taffy, Starburst JellyBeans, SweetTarts - all these are gluten-free...

An update from the birthday blessing: I saw Daka the next day and he was just overjoyed. See the "Sometimes wrong is right" blog. He told me that he went home, went to bed, and then woke up at 10:00am and gave his son the cake and the pop and the ball. He loved the cake. I asked if they ate the whole cake and he said, "Yes, the whole thing. My family and then all of Peter's friends and all my neighbors." I asked what he said when he gave it to him, Daka said, "Mzungu?" which means white person in Nyanga. We both laughed about that. I am not sure if he was saying that because Daka could never have afforded it or not. Regardless, it was humbling. He said that his boy played with the soccer ball all day. What a blessing...

Last Saturday night we had a thunder and lightning storm and it poured. A local was saying the other day that when rain comes this early, it means that it will be an unbearably hot summer. I thought we already were at that unbearably hot summer part... Actually, though it hovers around the 90's, it hasn't been super bad. The house stays relatively cool... So weird to see my Bellingham temperature google page pop up every day with the rain and the clouds.

Tomorrow I deliver vegetables to the New Horizons Orphanage and Living Hope community School. Can you imagine what it would be like to be an orphan? To really have no one to call mom or dad or to have a mom or dad that abuse you so badly that you need to go to a safe place...?

We are watching the Planet Earth series by the BBC folks and it is amazing. You have probably seen it at Costco, the big pack of DVD's that cost around $50. It is so worth it. Amazing. Thanks to a couple great friends who gave that to us before we left, we have been loving it...

We had a friend of a friend here for lunch today. She grew up in Zambia and then moved to the states. She attended Crossroads for a bit and then moved to California. Anyway, we had a great lunch today with her, listening to stories of her growing up years in Zambia, and also about her family. She was sharing about a man she met that worked as a guard part time at her sister's work (I think that was the right connection, anyway...) but he is also a pastor of a small church plant. He is self-taught but senses God calling him to be a pastor. I will be getting his number and will be hopefully connecting with this man. It was a cool confirmation that it is indeed these 85% of pastors who have zeal and love, but can't afford Bible school and training. I look forward to having the privilege of coming alongside such men.

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