Saturday, October 20, 2007

The view is good from here...

My family and I had a great time at Hillside Baptist Church yesterday at the Cross Project AIDs/HIV Graduation. There were three churches who combined together to take this 5 month class together, and so it was great to see these churches unify in graduation. It was so fun watching their enthusiasm in receiving their certificate of participation. I preached on fear and used David and Goliath as my springboard in helping us draw correlation between our fear of AIDS and the Israelites fear of Goliath. God has been good in giving me good teachers who give good advice in how to relate and teach better to an African audience and it made all the difference. It was a fun experience teaching and it gave me hope that I will not only be able to communicate, but also will be able to enjoy it or rather, be enjoyed. I still have lots to learn, but I am thankful for this encouragement. I will try to post another podcast with the worship and a snippet of the talk... I have heard from different people that it has been helpful and fun to hear the different worship styles. On a personal note, I have been really impacted this week by my study of fear this week. So, impacted that I started a new blog... Well, not really a blog, but a place where one verse on fear a day will keep the devil, worrying and dismay at bay! Check it out and be encouraged! Here is the link:

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