Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I had a good day today, meeting with some pastors at a church in Ngombe, just about 5 minutes from my house. They have purchased some land for a church and for their community school. I included a picture of the pastor and his family, 7 kids, 2 grandkids, mother in law and mother, and husband and wife who live in a house probably 400 square feet. I also included a cute picture of one of the girls close up and the daughter washing her clothes outside. Great man, a great smile and a great heart for God and the church. His church purchased the property for about $750 dollars. They have paid $500 and only owe $250 dollars more. They also bought a big piece of property for a community school from the government at a discount so as to help meet the needs of shortages of schools. They only paid a little over $100. He was explaining the struggle of trying to raise money as a church because they pay $30 dollars a month for rent to a school, and usually only bring in $3-10 dollars a week in tithe. Isn't that crazy? Just to get a grasp of the money is so humbling. When I said earlier that it takes so little to affect so much, this is what I am talking about. But that is the hard part because if you give too quickly, the relationship becomes about money and not relationship. There may be false motives in friendship. It is really hard to not just say, "Done," and yet to wait on the Lord for wisdom and discernment and relationship. It's almost as if you have to wait long enough to see if the relationship is pure before you help... It is difficult and I am still learning. We visited his family and then he had to go drive a taxi for his day job. He works during the weekends as a pastor/leader at his church.

After that we went to an orphanage, a home of 22 girls between the ages of 5-13. We dropped off a huge bin of beans. There are seven who are double orphans and 15 who are single orphan or are vulnerable children. The director of the orphanage told me that all the girls have been abused. I visited with her for a few minutes and saw the house. I will be dropping off vegetables each week. I asked if I could bring my kids and they said that they would love it.

We then went to Living Hope School, which I had written about before. Pastor Sitali is a great man and he works so hard, teaching children, pastoring the church and loving his community. He has such a heart for kids. I asked about opportunities for our kids as well to help these students and he said that it would be great if Kamryn and Bradyn could come and read read to kids in a small group and spend time with them. I am just really pleased that at least once a week, my girls will not only be exposed to Zambia but also be able to minister to people as well. One more thing, especially if you are thinking about coming out here in a ministry trip, there is opportunity to minister to these kids in the school. One thing I was thinking about. They can't afford uniforms, but most private schools have uniforms. I remember talking to Pastor Sitali last October about the need/want of uniforms for the pride of the students and this community school and for the morale. With their new building about to be finished, I would love to be able to provide these 180 orphan/vulnerable poor students with some uniforms. We have had a great relationship with this man and his church. I think this is a great example to me of what can happen over time where we enjoy a partnership, where we can help provide community school support, a feeding program, help build a church as we are doing, and bring in vegetables once a week. This is the end goal, where there is money involved that is helping and meeting needs, but, not before a relationship is established and grounded... I am still learning but it was a great contrast for me to observe and now I will pray.

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The Lion Lady said...

I just LOVE reading all of your blogs!! It brings forth many emotions and usually tears!!! tears of joy and it brings back so many memories .... I am SO happy that you are writing often, having so many different experiences, jumping right into the midst of everything, being TOTALLY AVAILABLE to GOD and YOU GET IT!!!!!!! YOU GET IT!!!!!

Praying for you and your family as well as all who God puts in your path, and your fellow team mates!!! Hello to all with hugs and smiles!!!
Live in His Joy and Rest in His Peace!!!