Sunday, October 07, 2007

Orphan Sunday...

(Note: to see a short video I put together of the orphan sunday, click here!)

Thanks to you all who prayed for my preaching today and for Orphan Sunday. I believe the message was well received, but I have such a long way to go in preaching effectively and efficiently. The Zambians are very gracious even though I hardly know their culture and can't speak their language. I spoke on Orphans and God's heart for his people to sponsor, adopt and come alongside those who have no fathers and mothers. I asked at one point if they know any orphans and all of them immediately responded. Orphans are a way of life here... Crazy. I am learning things, like how to adapt a message to a story telling society. I felt like even in this message, I was so much more relaxed than in my previous time I preached. But, it is so difficult. Everything I know and I have experienced, all of my analogies and illustrations and personal experiences are so foreign to them. One example that I caught on to too late was an illustration about a boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. There were 1000's of starfish caught on shore and there is no way they were all going to survive... One boy started throwing the starfish into the ocean one by one. A man watching this called out to the boy and told him that his efforts were useless. There was no way he was going to be able to save all the starfish. It was won't matter, the man said. Then the boy picked up the starfish and said, "well it matters to this one." It was a great story to share how though the odds of saving all 20 million orphans is overwhelming, we can change the world for one and another one and another one. It was a great story, except, most of them have never been to the ocean and have no idea what a starfish is:) But all in all, it was good. They were especially excited during the sheep and the goats parable... They love Heaven.

During the Orphan Sunday, there were hundreds of orphans there with many different churches. What a day. It is hard to find words for what it felt like to be in the room with so many kids whose Dad and Mom are no longer alive to protect, provide or love them. It was beautiful to listen to them sing and laugh and smile. They couldn't stop staring at our blond hair girls. It was cute. It was really hot but our girls were troopers. On the way there, Kamryn asked if we could adopt one of these kids. I thought that was cute. Kamryn loved the dancing. Actually, we all love the dancing. Kamryn said, "I just couldn't resist not dancing." We came home hot and beat, but thankful for these experiences both for myself and for my family. Thank you for your support and enjoy a few pictures and a roughly edited video! I just wanted to give you a flavor for the 2 hour program. Pastor Mwale is the one who brought everyone together for this day. What a great man who has such a heart for orphans. I look forward to telling you more stories of this man who has faithfully served this church for 21 years.

At this event, I saw a couple pastors I recognized from my trip last year. It was great to see them again, and to see all that God has done in this last year to bring me back to Zambia again with my family. We have a conference planned on October 30, 31 and November 1 to teach again on inductive bible study and expository preaching. We are going to be teaching verse by verse through Romans 12, teaching how to study and then actually preaching the message. How great it will be to have another conference almost a year to the date that I was there last year...

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wow! Hey, is it true that you cannot adopt out of Zambia?