Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pastor Conference, Day 1

Thanks to you have prayed for our pastors conference. It was a great day. The place was packed out with pastors, elders, deacons and leaders. It was great seeing faces that I recognized from the previous year who had come back to hear more about inductive bible study and expository preaching. We are teaching verse by verse through Romans 12, and so today we spend the morning with Romans 12:1-2 and the afternoon in Romans 12:3-6. I taught the principles of inductive bible study and then showed how to create an outline to preach the passage expositorily. And after teaching these principles, I preached a sermon from the passage. It was an experiment that I personally really enjoyed. There was teaching for the head and preaching for the heart. The pastors and leaders were great to be with and we really had good time, despite a rain storm that was so loud, nothing could heard above the deafening roar of rain on the metal roof. Tomorrow, we will continue our journey through Romans 12. Another Action missionary, Luke Whitfield, will teach Romans 12:6-8, and then I will finish the day with Romans 12:9-13. They are so hungry to learn and are very enthusiastic about the possibility of Action Zambia starting a bible college in Zambia. I was thinking today about the seminary that attended where I learned how to do Inductive Bible Study. That 3 credit class was around $1000 dollars. The average pastor here probably makes $3 dollar a day or less. Needless to say, they can barely afford to live, let alone try to pay for Bible training. I have been so blessed to be able to attend seminary and learn, and it so great to be able to offer these free classes and eventually a bible school to these pastors who are so hungry to learn. Another interesting side note: I asked today which version the pastors used. I could see quite a few old Bibles so I asked, KJV and a bunch of hands went up. And then I asked about NIV, and more hands went up. There were a few other versions. I then asked how many of you need a Bible and almost all the hands went up. As it turns out, many of the pastors there borrowed a Bible to bring to the seminar. The other thing these pastors need is a condensed paperback concordance. I had some great conversations with pastors and look forward to building deeper relationships with these pastors and leaders. Thanks for your prayers. I will keep you updated!

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