Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pastor's Conference, day 2

Wow. I am beat. From the upper 80 temps (more like 90ish inside the brick building), from speaking and talking to and with pastors, to just the billion of little things that have just coincidentally:) gone wrong this past week, from car trouble to shades falling down to children going crazy to miscommunication and more than I can remember just all of sudden going haywire this week... I have one more day, and I have to admit that I am loving it, though. Talk about a hungry bunch of pastors, ready to devour the word and worship Jesus. Oh, I wish you could be there to hear them sing. I am not sure i will be o.k. with just standing still in a church service anymore. A couple of memorable thoughts... A lady pulling me aside and saying, "I really need a bible. All I have is this one, and it is a nyanga bible. Could you please give me a Bible." I had another guy show me his well marked and worn original 1611 King James Bible. "Do you have a newer Bible I could have?" Another guy had pages falling out of his English World Translation... "See , look, the pages are falling out, could you get me new bible please?" I have a had a few of you respond back to my previous blog, looking for ways to help provide Bibles to pastors. Thank you so much!!! As a mission, we have some donated Bibles. I will look into seeing if we can find some Bibles here and how much they cost. And I will let you know how you can help! One cool thing is that I have two requests to teach the same conference but to different compounds. One is a called Kanyama, and the other is a little bit out of Lusaka. I have met some great men who love the Lord and are serving as pastors to some difficult, grief filled places. I can't even imagine what it is like doing the work that they do. I am in awe of these men and women who sacrifice so much. They have continually expressed how appreciative they are the training they are receiving. I was giving one pastor a ride home yesterday and I asked why he didn't eat during the lunch. I asked if he was fasting and he said yes. They are having a crusade this Friday and Saturday at his church plant, and the whole church is fasting for two days. He said, "This is something we know well in Africa. We know that we can do nothing without God working. There are so many opposing forces like witchcraft and alcohol and much more that we can't do anything without praying and fasting. That is one thing you will need to learn about Africa is that you can't do anything like this crusade or the conference without some serious prayer and fasting." Hmmm... I was humbled and encouraged. We have one more day, where we will finish up Romans 12, have communion, pass out some more books (as the pics show me doing today) and enjoy some more worship!

Thanks again for your prayers!

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