Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Podcast #2 - Some amazing African worship

So, I am not sure what you thought of the podcast debut, or where this idea of Podcast will go, but experiment I must in creating new ways for supporters and friends to be able to join in the ministry and in our lives in Zambia. I had a friend who was very encouraging in his email about the blog and how much he appreciates being able to follow along in the journey. He said that he has some missionaries that he supports in closed countries who are not permitted to write or share in detail about what is happening. I was really struck by that and it really helped me appreciate this freedom to in essence to bring you along into the world that is Africa. Even in other parts of Africa, either technology or freedom of religion or both would limit this unique opportunity immensely. So, while I have both freedom and technology, I will take full advantage of it and hope that your heart and understanding for the world grows as well as your insight into the Allen Family!!!

So, here is the second podcast. It is a short snippet of a worship service, with a little prelude by me. I am not a radio announcer by any means, and I don't have the time to be a perfectionist, so I guess, just go with it:)

The song translated means Stop what you are doing (meaning evil) and rush to Heaven and find your place in Heaven... (When you hear the Milo that means place...)

Great song!!!

Here is the link to the sound clip!
Here is the link to the ITUNES podcast link if you want to subscribe and download them onto your IPOD.
Here is the link to switchpod where you can listen to the clip and set up a feed with RSS or Yahoo or others...


mollyllilja said...

So cool! Isn't it amazing how you can recognize worship even when you don't know the words!

Roberts said...

that's awesome! Love it!