Friday, October 12, 2007

Some new furniture

We bought some new furniture the other day. It was quite the adventure. We had heard that a store called Lamise was a good place to buy furniture. But, no one was around to tell us where Lamise was. So, we looked on a map we had which showed that it was in the industrial district. So, last Saturday morning when it was about 90+ degrees we set off with the whole family to go find Lamise. We found the store, or actually the factory. But, we didn't realize this until we were talking to someone about furniture and they told us that if we wanted to have some furniture made we would first need to go over to his brothers store on Freedom Way and pick out our fabric. So, we headed over to the other store. When we got there, we realized that this was the store we should've gone to in the first place. Anyway, we found a bright red sofa set, it is great in our front room which tends to be a bit on the darker side, especially in the evening. It's going to look even better when we give the walls a much needed coat or two of paint. Can anyone guess what color we are going to paint the main room??? Anyone know me well enough??? Put your guess on the comment for this blog. (This is Steph writing.) You already feel a bit out of place driving around town as a mzungu (white person) but you can imagine how much attention you attract when you have a bright red sofa on the top of your Land Cruiser.


mollyllilja said...

umm, I guess yellow. LOVE the red sofa:)

Roberts said...

hey, you need to take some pics of your house and post them on the blog so we can see where you live!

Dave said...

I say a yellowish shade!! :) Was I right?


Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

I was dropping in to guess a buttery yellow! SO great to hear and see how you guys are doing. Miss you and love you so,

Unknown said...

It sounds like yellow must be high on your list of favorite colors, Stephanie, so I'll say blue! Then, with a few white pillows, you will feel like you haven't gone too far:-)

God bless you all, and it's a joy to read your writings!