Monday, October 29, 2007

Too many blog thoughts...

Yesterday we were talking about blogs and Steph said, "I have a bunch of blog I need to write." I nodded my head and said, "I do, too." But between the preparation for the conference that starts tomorrow and Stephanie's Martha Stewarting the living room, it is has been a bit crazy... So, in order to give you a bit of something to look forward too (at least we live in our fantasy world that people look forward to our blogs), we present to you the blogs titles of the blogs we want and really hope to write sometime in the near future:)

Steve's Blog
African T-shirts
Who needs an X-box, when you have a...
Church planting and my preaching experience last Sunday
Truman Show Mentality
Memorize a book this year.
Kamryn has a lot to say

Stephanie's Blogs
Worship experiences
Our new and improved living room
New Horizon's performance at the United Nations
New Horizon Orphan Christmas Party response
I love my husband so much (I made this one up, but I am hoping she writes one like this:)
Budgeting in Kwacha

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