Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trying to make sense of it all...

The other day I looked around and I shook my head, "I can't believe I live in Africa." It certainly is different here. I have tried my best to share in these past blogs what my eyes see, and my ears hear and my mouths tastes and my fingers touch and what my nose smells. I have so many blogs that I want to write and often through the day I'll think to myself, "Wow, I ought to put that in the blog." But, when the internet is having a down day like this past weekend or life is just busy, much of what is sensed either doesn't make sense or there isn't time to convey it all...

What I have heard lately:
On the way home one evening, I heard 3 guys singing as they walked down the hill... It was beautiful. African words, harmonizing, loud, and beautiful.

Mzungu, Mzungu - Whenever a little child sees me or my kids.

Mwauka Bwanji - It means good morning, but my kids yell it out the car no matter what time it is.

"Hello, Boss." It is what the guards call me, and pretty much what most Africans refer to me as.

106.2 - A Christian radio station but most of the songs are in an African language...

What we see:
Sun -Beautiful sunrise every morning and Sunsets every night and sun throughout the day. Did I mention that it is sunny here.

Lizards - Wow, I never knew there existed so many lizards.

Brick - Everything is made of brick. Everything.

Staring - I went somewhere and what did I see, everyone always looking at me.

What we taste:
Nshima - we love this corn meal staple over here with chicken and relish.

Water - After it has been boiled, Calcified and purified.

Fried grasshoppers - Well, not yet, but a member of the team is looking forward to the rainy season because they are huge and they are good.

Not Fast Food - Subway is the only fast food from america. Weird living in a place with no fast food restaurants at all.

Homemade Bananas - nothing like a banana from your own backyard:)

What we are touching:
Lots of things - The girls must be getting sick of us always saying "Go wash your hands!"

Our kitty - So cute.

Dust - Our house gets dusty. Every night we have to wash our feet.

What we are smelling:
A lack of emission control: I think that if I were back home I would go to an emission control place and shake their hands and say thank you for what you do.

Smoke - People from all over burn everything from leaves to trash to really anything.

Sewer - sometimes you get the big whiff while driving and it doesn't smell so good.

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Great post. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.