Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Needs an Xbox when you have a ...

a rock, stick, or a ball of garbage?” I have seen so clearly how play is an international language. Kids just know how to play no matter what they have or don’t have. Where in the states, kids want video games, Ipods, hand-held game, and new computer games, these kids in Zambia are masters at inventing games with the most common of things. I have seen little cars made of wire, car parts and/or cans. I have seen games played with bottlecaps, rocks and/or sticks. I have seen jump rope with old binding material, and soccer played with basically garbage tied together. Time and again, I find myself smiling to myself as I drive through different compounds and see children having a blast being kids with essentially nothing. It is a good reminder, especially this time of year with Christmas approaching that life is not about getting gifts but it is about the gift of all gifts. This gift of Jesus, born in a place much like a compound, to save the world from itself and give us the true meaning of life. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” and I believe that is true. We have been overwhelmed by those who have sent gifts for the children in the orphanage for our Christmas party. Last year the leader of this orphanage did not have any kind of party for Christmas because they had nothing to give. This year with the help of over 40 of you, they will have a Christmas party, gifts, your pictures and letters and the opportunity to see the real meaning of Christmas in action. Thank you for blessing us this Christmas by blessing them.

Thank you for your love and support!

The Allen’s


Daniel McDowell said...

Good post Steve, I like the checkers picture. Growing up we didn't have video games so I would do things like play risk (w/ 4 separate teams) by myself, or weird war simulation games with the face cards of a card deck. Oh the memories.

Daniel McDowell said...

Good post Steve. I remember growing up we didn't have real tv or video games so I would do things like play risk by myself; with 4 separate teams, or dye wood with mashed berries and accidentally fermenting the berries mash by leaving it alone for a week.