Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anyone seen Ratatouille??

The other night I (Steph) had the privilege of going out to dinner with three other ladies on our team. I kind of invited myself along since I heard they were going out and I thought it sounded like fun. We went to an Indian/Chinese restaurant just down the street from our house called "Mahak." It was a beautiful restaurant with wonderful Indian food. It was my first time eating Indian food, and I definitely won't be my last. Anyway, as we were waiting for our food out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving across the floor. I looked closer and sure enough it was a nice big rat. I calmly told the ladies at my table and they turned around in time to see it as well. I quickly pulled my feet up to my chair and one of the ladies went to tell the staff. They came and searched everywhere for it and couldn't find it. (keep in mind, we are the only ones in a fairly large restaurant.) They gave up and left. Shortly after, (I'm still sitting Indian Style) it occurs to me that the rat has probably gone up the chimney. (Many restaurants, clinics, etc. here in Zambia are houses or flats that have been converted into restaurants.) I knew this trick because this is how the rats were getting into our house when we first arrived. Sure enough, we heard some squeaking and rustling around in the chimney. This time I went out and told the staff that the rat had gone up the chimney. They came in, looked up, etc. but could not get it. So, they placed a guard next to the chimney for the entirety of our meal. I felt bad for him having to just stand there 5 feet away from our table for the whole night, but it made me feel better and I was able to put my feet down again, which was a good thing because my legs were cramping. Do you think we should've tipped him?
I told you the restaurant was called "Mahak"....well I renamed it "Ratak."

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