Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas in November

Today I went to the post office to check and see if we had any packages. We had some team mail and two little slip of paper. The slips of paper are good. They are really good if they say Steve Allen on them. Bingo! Today, two slips and two Steve Allen's! But, you don't get the packages there. You have to walk around the building to the other side and there you pay a little fee, maybe k1000 kwacha or something. I go around and I get my two packages... Then this lady comes out and says something to the clerk and then says, "Uh, you have many more packages." I was like, "Really, like how many, two or three?" (I came hoping that some of the Christmas packages for the orphans have come in. My teammates had scared me into big time praying because sometimes packages that get mailed her get permantely borrowed by mail people along the way.) Anyway, after I said two or three, she said, "Uh, no, M-A-N-Y... Can you come back tomorrow and get them so we can organize them all." I said, "Yeah, sure. They are for orphans." She looked at me and then that was that. As I walked out, I wondered how many, I wondered if they would get here and I prayed and tried not to be anxious. Well, today, a Zambian who was with us (during when we got our driver's licence, which is another story in itself.) dropped his sandal out of the car near the post office. So, I went back at the end of the day (after a great Bible study with 13 leaders/pastors, which is a another story, too) and I found the sandal and I got the "many" packages. It cost me only k17,000 kwacha which is $4.50. But I got 30+ packages!!!! She brought out his HUGE bag full of packages. It was so heavy I could barely lift it. I felt a bit like Santa Claus. Thank you for giving of your time to shop, for the letters you wrote, for the money you gave to make this a special Christmas for the orphans at New Horizon. (We will email you a thank you letting us know we got your packages!) I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this is going to be for them. I am taking the girls tomorrow (Steph has Bible study) and I will be taking some pictures and some video so you can see your kids:) In this plethora of packages, we were also blessed with new Christmas dresses from Boggie and Bumpa for our girls, awesome craft supplies from the Berkan family, a ton of DVD's from Brian and some gluten free granola and cookies from Julene and some more flour and goodies from Summer and a great package from Gibbies, a wedding video and candy and cereal!!! So thank you to you all for caring for us, and for caring for our children. They love recieving presents and it is a great encouragement to them that people have not forgotten us, and they pray for us and miss us!

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