Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Corner Store

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the low 90's and no rain clouds in sight so the the girls and I (Steph) decided to walk down to the pool to cool off. When we arrived at the house there were two women sitting out front. I stopped (with Julia holding my hand) and said hello and asked them how they were doing? They said, "oh, we are hungry, we have no food and we are looking for work, we are taking medication (I assumed this was for AIDS), we are very hungry." Before I could say anything Julia said, "You just need to go down to the corner down there (pointing to where we had just come from), they have some food." (there is a little corner market) The women burst out laughing. They told Julia that those people would not give them any food because they didn't have any money. Julia didn't understand what was so funny, and I thought she might start crying so we made a quick exit. They were still laughing after we had left.

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