Thursday, November 08, 2007

Flying Termites

We had a huge infestation/birth of Flying Termites this evening. It was quite spectacular in the sheer number of them as we watched them from our outside patio dinner table. They filled the sky. It was crazy. Thankfully, on a whim, Stephanie bought some citronella fluid so we enjoyed a termite free chicken curry dinner as they flew around, behind and above us... Welcome to Africa!

UPDATE a day later:
Well, I learned about a week ago that termites come out flying and then they shed their wings. So, today, we found a bunch of wings all over our sidewalk. Now, where did all those termites go:(


mollyllilja said...

ew! did you get a picture? Outdoor dining sounds pretty nice:)

mollyllilja said...

ew! Did you get a picture? Outdoor dining sounds nice:)

Virginia said...

Oh my, Stephanie & Steve, I just have to smile when I read your blog. I've never experience a termite swarm! And yeah, where did those termites go, is a good question. Thanks so much.

The Beall family