Saturday, November 03, 2007


This is a picture of my computer. But, if you will look really closely you will see on my computer a picture of my two buddies, Matt and George. There is this thing called which allows you to talk to each other, computer to computer, for free. You can just talk via microphone to microphone or you can do video to video, all for free. So, one evening, my buddy Matt calls me and I get to see his pretty face and George's sort of pretty face and they see my most beautiful face and my wife's even more beautiful face. It is amazing. Because we pay for bandwidth, the amount of stuff we can download, I only get to see your pretty face for a little while. But, it is worth it, let me tell you!!! But, today it gets even better. I learned how to forward my calls, so if you were to call me from your computer to my computer, but, let's say I am out taking care of my pet giraffe and I don't hear the computer ringing, your phone call will forward to my cell phone and I will answer and say, "Hello." And you say, "Hi, this is your friend..." And I will say, "Wow, thanks so much for calling me." It costs me I think about 11 cents per minute, but you, well, most of you, are worth it!!!! Now, I don't get to see your pretty face when it gets forwarded, but your voice is very encouraging and fun to here!!!! It is amazing what technology can do these days, and as much as Zambian internet opportunities allow, I plan to take advantage of it!!!!!

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