Friday, November 30, 2007


I finished my second Inductive Bible Study conference at Kalikiliki (great name, huh?). It was a good day. I am humbled by many things. First, I am humbled that I thought I could just go in and teach this material. I realize that I have a long way to go. The pastors in this compound were a little less educated in both English and in the Word than the previous and so right away I felt like I was losing them. It flustered me a bit and it taught me a great deal on how to communicate at all levels. It was a true gift because I now know how better to teach inductive bible study. By the end of the day, they got it and were just as far along as the other conference I spoke at. God is good. I was also humbled how the Lord clarified and used me despite my weakness. I am humbled by the pastors' eagerness and love of learning how to study the word, by how they appreciated me and expressed their gratitude. I was humbled by the joy and delight of the little kids that watched me all day through the back of the door. I am humbled by their lack, as one pastor came and asked me if I had a bible. He compared it to a solider going to war using a gun… He has no gun to fight (and as a pastor no less.) I am humbled by their genuine warmness and contentedness in such a difficult place to pastor. I am humbled by the privilege of having the opportunity to teach people how to study the bible. What greater privilege can a man have here on earth? And if you have just read these words, I am humbled by your support and prayers and your partnership in this journey.

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