Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An opportunity to bless an orphan this Christmas

Before I tell you the cool opportunity, I want to give a little background to my day At the church where I did the conference, the pastor's son, Robert, has started a community school for orphans and vulnerable children who cannot afford government school. He has 84 kids ranging from 5-12, in a one room church building. Robert is 24 years old, and he does this alone, with some help from his 22 year old cousin. Today I went and observed this classroom, took a few pictures. I then took him to Living Waters Community School to meet with Pastor Earnest who is also the community school director. I wanted Robert to meet this man of God who has an incredible testimony and who has built this community school to reach out to 205 of the most vulnerable children and orphans in his community. The compounds are probably a good 30 minutes away from each other, but because 95% It was a great opportunity to introduce two men who probably wouldn't have met, but who have similar visions and huge hearts to reach out to the children in their respective communities.

Listening to Pastor Earnest was pretty incredible. I am in awe, actually, and I feel I am learning more from these Zambians than they are learning from me. Pastor Sitali started his community school in house 3 years ago. But, it was 1995 that God gave him a vision or dream that a plot of land (which the school and church now rest on) would be given to him. At that time, it was street market and it wasn't for sale. But he kept praying and trusting like Abraham, but he also took a letter to the city council asking for the land for a community school. He said he went every day for a year... Talk about perseverance! He finally got the land, and the school has been growing ever since. Last year when I visited this school, there were only 180 kids. Action Zambia has been big in helping train Pastor Earnest in teaching as well as the other teachers, they give towards a feeding program which happens three days a week (sometimes this meal is the only meal some children will have all day) and with the actual building of a community school. Pastor Earnest has been doing this school for the past 3 years and he said it is amazing at the progress of the children, in how they look and smile and act. Many came in with orange hair which is a sign of malnutrition.

So, we have come to the opportunity part:
I know that there are many opportunities to bless orphans, but you probably won't get the kind of picture/blog updates as you will get if you bless these orphans:)

Pastor Earnest's school really needs uniforms. Most of the private or government schools have uniforms, and when a school does not have uniforms, it is really difficult for the children who do not have uniforms. They are already poor and many of them orphans, and this is just reminder to them that they are second class citizens. In addition, clothes that they are worn and dirty. This morning I showed up and there were about 50 kids who have blue shirts and black pants. I asked about it and he said, someone donated to buy 50 of them. You can see the shirts on the pictures. They really need 155 more, though. They cost $25,000 kwacha for both shirt and pants which is $6 dollars. I was hoping to get people to donate $10 for a new uniform and a small gift, probably some food, beverages, etc... How cool would that be? My goal for Living Waters is $10x155 students=$1500

The other opportunity would be to donate a small gift of $10 to Chaisa community school, the school which Robert is at, to help have a Christmas celebration. We would do it much like the orphan Sunday which was at this church about a month ago, but it would be based on Christmas, show a Christmas movie, give out gifts and have some food and help provide some needs school supplies for this beginning school... So, my goal for Chaisa is $10x84 students=$840

If you do want to give, please follow this link to my donation page and type this number 71139 in the comment box along with either - uniforms for Living Waters or Christmas celebration with Chaisa... Your gifts are tax-deductible and I will let you know via the blog when we have reached our goal. And, please email me if you are giving to these community schools for this Christmas project so I can be sure to send you a picture of thanks:)

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