Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I had a follow up conference today and it went really well. We went through Romans 1.16-17 in both inductive and expository study and then I preached the message. I was encouraged as they are really grasping the concepts of Bible study and you can see the eagerness and the enthusiasm generating as they realize that they can do it by themselves. They came up with great observations, great questions and thoughts, and they really seem to be getting it. One pastor that came encouraged me greatly by saying and said that his eyes are open to understanding how to study the Bible. I have set up a few small groups to follow up with the conference that I am excited about. We will meet for 26 weeks with 6 breaks built in, where we will all study the book of Phillipians together. Each week, we will have an assigned passage and then we will each do the inductive study. We will transfer from that inductive study what we have learned into an expository outline with an application and reflection part which will then be the skeletons to prepare a sermon. I am most excited about this ongoing weekly training that will be happening with small groups of pastors. I hope to visit them during sundays to hear them preach, though most of them preach in Nyanga, so I am not sure what to do there:) I think most of us who sit under expository preaching regularly may not fully appreciate what it is like to not have expository preaching, but without the training and resources, it just does not happen here... What a priviledge to be a part of helping pastors in this area. Thank you Dr. Wecks from Multnomah Bible Seminary for changing my life by teaching me how to study the Word...

After the conference, I had lunch with Bruce, the pastor from Kanyama who I have shared about. We talked about a lot of things, but one of the things that stood out was that he lives by faith, literally. He is principal of the Lusaka Theological College and a pastor of church plant. He makes no salary from either the college or his church. He lives by faith.

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