Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hi, Steph here. (I say that because Steve usually writes most of the blogs. So, if it is me writing I will tell you.) I think the rainy season here in Zambia has officially arrived. After two months of absolutely no rain at all, which is called the "hot dry season", we have entered the "hot wet season." Before we left people had many questions about the weather here in Zambia. I didn't feel very well informed so I didn't have very good answers. Now, I have experienced the "hot dry season" in it's entirety so I feel like I can say that from September through October it is very hot and very dry. I'm not sure how long the rain will last so I will comment on this season when it is over I guess. As of right now, it is still the high 80's and 90's. But, in the afternoon, the clouds start rolling in and it will usually downpour. This season is a bit more tricky as far as our laundry is concerned. They usually hang our laundry on the line to dry and then fluff it for a few minutes in the dryer to soften it up and to kill any putsi fly larvae that the laundry may have acquired while on the line. (I'll tell you about Putsi Fly larvae in another blog....just know it's not pretty.) Today, the line was full of wet bath towels when the rain came so Miriam went running out to get them before they were even wetter. They will have to wait until tomorrow to get put back on the line. I tried to capture a picture of the rain but my camera didn't do it justice. Steve here now: I was doing a Bible study with pastors in the compound when the rain hit. I was leaving for my car and literally, in about 30 steps, I was covered in water. As I drove out of the compound, it was like a ghost town, not a person to be seen unless they were under cover. It is so difficult here when it rains because everything dirt becomes mud with streams of water weaving through roads, houses and outhouses... On the way home though I saw the most amazing lightning strike in the distance that I have ever seen. Two streaks starting together and each going downward away from each other. It was like they flickered at first like a Christmas light and then just radiated out with deep bright yellow streak. It was amazing.

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