Sunday, November 18, 2007

Timing is Everything

Stephanie went to the shopping center to buy some groceries and Christmas presents for family at the local craft market. I received a call from her at about 3 pm telling me to go out and get the clothes off the line. I didn't see much rain coming down, but I obeyed. I felt a little drop or two, but as soon as I got in the house, I heard some thunder. A few minutes later, a few drops more and then rain and then heavy rain and then it was like someone was dumping buckets of rain like I have never seen before. But not just that, but it was windy and thunder and lightning and more water. I was enjoying the display of God's creation from the dry indoor window when I heard the familiar bark of our dog Zorro. Whenever he barks, it means someone is at the gate. Literally, he never barks, except then. But, it is raining, really raining. But there are no guards this day so I go out with an umbrella. The water is coming down and back up off the pavement and sideways from both directions. The wind is blowing the umbrella up and over and out. I open the gate and see it is my wife. I pull one gate back with one hand while holding the umbrella in my other hand. As I go to the other gate, the wind slams the other gate crashing back. I see that it is hopeless cause. I retreat to the guard shack, proceed to take off my hearing aid and then left the umbrella in the guard to brave the elements for my princess. She drives through the gate, the water is still coming down, up and sideways, and literally, I am soaked, as if I just jumped in the pool. Stephanie didn't wait for me, but rushed into the house, but then came back out because she realized that she left the lights on. By the time we got into the house, we were as wet as wet could be. So, we had Bradyn take a picture. But, of course the picture doesn't capture Julia who is screaming and crying with all she the gusto you can imagine because she is afraid that we are getting wet. And the rain is really cold, like you are taking a cold shower. Needless, to say, it was great timing for a great story. Not so great though for the hundreds of artists that were selling their art and jewlery and blankets at the shopping center.

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