Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Date Nights...

Tonight we had a date night. Every other week we get a date night. We swap children with the Whitfields, our friends and ACTION team members. We love date nights. It is great getting together, talking about life, sharing what we are learning and holding hands. But, it has been a bit discouraging in Zambia. There are no parks to go walk in, no real fun places to go... Of course we were spoiled in Bellingham, the date capitol of the world with an ocean and a lake and a mountain and rivers and everything else you need... So, it has been an adjustment. I mean we won't complain, well, o.k., we have complained but there are definately worse things in life. It is our little joke. So where do you want to go tonight? I know that doesn't seem funny, but we find humor where we can. It is difficult especially with my food allergies and us not being able to understand the waiters, etc... Tonight we went to the Holiday Inn. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. The Holiday Inn? Well, it was actually amazing ambiance, probably one of the best we have found. They have this cool little pond thing and a little crocodile in it. We ordered Hamburgers from the pub there. Well, we should have clarified to the restaurant that hamburgers are made of beef, not sausage. It was a sausage burger. I love sausage with eggs. But, well, it wasn't quite all that we had thought it would be, but I guess it was a memory. Go out and enjoy a red robin burger for us (or better yet, if you are in California, enjoy a double-double, protein style:) And if you married couples out there are enjoying date nights, well shame on you!!! Be creative, plan an awesome and date and enjoy the wife or husband of your life!!!!

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