Sunday, December 23, 2007

David Livingstone, Victoria Fall, Malaria and Dr. Bradyn

We found out today that Bradyn was sicker than we thought. She has malaria. We had a doctor come to the room and diagnosed the culprit for her maladies. It was a very rough morning for little Brady. She was in so much pain. So, in order for her not to whine and yell so much (she seemed to wail louder when we are all here), I again left Bradyn and Mommy in the room while we went exploring the falls. I volunteered to stay behind, but Stephanie was also dealing with her little medical issues in that half her face was red and puffy and itchy and she wanted some help with that, too. The falls were incredible. I can't really even describe it, but it is a thing of beauty. Sheer cliff expanding many hundreds of yards, and the loudness of it all, and the mist coming up and dropping rain was amazing. It was cool to see this waterfall and now wonder what Dr. Livingstone must have experienced when he saw this for the first time. Stephanie is reading a David Livingstone biography at night to the girls. Talk about legacy... I bet he didn't have little monkeys trying to steal food from people or vendors saying they have a good deal for me. We hoped Brady would be able to make it this afternoon to no avail. She felt really bad. So, I was bummed this afternoon, stuck in our little lodge... We made the most of it, doing some swimming, playing Yahtzee, reading a book, and watching movies. We had a nice dinner and than watched a little of Polar Express. But, what made the night for me was what Bradyn said before she went to bed. She said, "I want to be a doctor and help people here in Africa." I was blown away and I was just so encouraged by this statement in light of trying to find something to redeem her sickness during our vacation. I believe that God works all things according to His will, well, at least I try to believe that most of the time... Comments like these help encourage the weary soul:) I was talking with Kamryn the other day about Nyanga (our language) and Africa and life... It was just encouraging to me to think about them learning to think about serving the poor with their lives and having a worldview that includes more than just America... I was just thinking about our legacies as parents and what we want for our children. Anyway, please pray for Brady as you think of her... What a trooper she is...

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