Friday, December 07, 2007

Kanyama Conference, Day 1

Just a quick update and thank you for praying... We had a somewhere between 160-200 people at the conference today. It started out pretty small but people kept filing in and before I knew it the room was full. Do you ever feel like you aren't worthy of being some place? Like they messed up and you shouldn't be allowed to do what you are doing. That is how I felt today. I felt like they were going to figure out I was just an imposter, that I wasn't worthy of teaching that many people at one time. I kept waiting for one of them to stand up and yell, "Impostor!! He is not worthy to teach us." I had a friend yesterday tell me, "I was thinking of you teaching these pastors and leaders and I was like, Steve Allen? Do they that is just the Steve I know." I guess if God's glory in shown in weakness, he must look amazingly glorious in these conference. But, they didn't yell impostor or call me a faker, so I just acted like I knew what I was doing and away we went. We did inductive bible study on John 3.16 today. It was really great. Not only watching them get it, but also just being forced to go over how amazing grace really is... God, His love, He gave his Son, eternal life - the gospel is such great news and it so good to go through the gospel subtly like this, making sure we are not only on the same page but to realize how truly grateful I am that Jesus Christ took my sin and allowed Himself to be sacrificed so I could be free... We looked at each one of these key words, asked questions and then searched the scriptures to give us insight and answers. It was fun to see them interacting with me and with the Word and to hear them quoting scripture, and learning, and laughing... I can think of some people this morning whose smiles and laughter and genuine smiles encouraged me so much. I go back again tomorrow for a long day from 8ish to about 4pm... Thanks again!

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