Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kuopa Mulungu kumapeleka umoyo wopando mantha (Fearing God leads to fearless living)

I preached in the Garden compound this morning and Kamryn came with me. She video taped part of the service with my camera and I thought I would show you both my experience and also share how part of my talk was lost in translation. You might think I am going a little crazy with my videoing these days, but I have learned how to keep them short and very low megabyte so I can keep you in the loop without using up all my internet bandwidth... Afterwards we had a great lunch with the Pastor Alfred and his wife. It was ironic as I was preaching on fear, to be then invited to eat lunch, made me apply directly what I was teaching. Don't get me wrong. The food was amazing. But, often it just makes me not feel well, due to water or whatever... But, we ate and God helped me overcome my fear... This pastor and his wife are coming over on Tuesday for dinner.

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