Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Missionary living...

Being in Lusaka is a great thing when you have the queen of all hospitality as your partner... Today we hosted 2 single gals who are missionaries in Kitwe and are going traveling around Tanzania for Christmas break. Karen, who we have had before a couple of weeks ago and her friend Keisha lavished some serious love on our girls... And then tonight we had the Murphy's over for dinner. Their girls and our girls hit it off!! They are planning on coming back to Zambia to be missionaries but are in the process of adopting a double-orphan baby, Lord-willing! They weren't really looking to adopt but God opened all the doors. I learned a lot about adoption and one thing came up during the conversation was about HIV/AIDS babies. One thing I learned during our conversation among other things are about HIV positive babies. They shared that if you take ARV's regularly and balance it with good meals, etc, the babies will live a normal life like anyone else. They can even get married and have kids just like anyone else. If babies who have HIV from their mother can get on a regular dose of ARV's, they can reduce the virus dramatically. What was particularly striking was that if the baby were to stay in the orphanage, he would probably die within a couple of years, due to the amount of sick babies in the orphanage and the lack of good care. Pray for the workers because the harvest is plentiful... God bless the Murphy's and all the rest who sacrifice to give orphans a chance at life!

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