Sunday, December 02, 2007

A narrative...

I preached at a church this morning in Kanyama. This is the church that my friend Bruce Kaumba is pastoring and that he planted a little over a year ago. It is still very small, but it was a joy to be there. I preached on thankfulness:) (The smiley face is for those who have know me well enough that I love to preach this sermon.) I took a few pictures for some perspective. My black shoes are resting on dirt. The building is concrete with no door or windows. We are sitting on plastic lawn chairs. But it is all good. I mean, it is beautiful. I love it. The message went well, especially as I just noticed a warmness of knowing people better as this was our second time there. I plan to go back again so that Ican sit and hear Pastor Bruce speak. My whole family came and also Karen Harmon, who has stayed with us this weekend. She is a friend of Kristen Gilfillan as our big world became a lot smaller. She was amazing with our kids this weekend, giving them lots of love that they have been missing from all their college and high school "kids" back home. She is a teacher to a missionary family with 9 kids up in Kitwe. Her blog is if you are interested. All in all a good morning. Thanks to those who remembered us and do continue to remember us on Sundays. This is by far the most difficult day of the week missing home and friends and family and church. And it didn't help to see snow in Bellingham:( But we rejoice with you as you are freezing and getting your car stuck while I am sitting here at 8:30 at night sweating as I type away. We realized the other day that we have eaten outside for every meal but one in the last two months. Eat your heart out!!! On another note, our mangos, avocados and bananas are almost ripe. We will be sure to get some pictures for ya'll. Another week lies ahead with meetings and studying. I have a 2 day conference in Kanyama with 100-150 pastors on Friday and Saturday and I preach at a church next Sunday of one of the students of mine from Garden. Thanks for joining us on this journey and for all your kind notes and encouraging emails.

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KJG said...

yes!! all of my favorite American Zambians in one place!!! Thanks for the SWEET message. My parents enjoyed listening to it too.
See you in September!
-Kristen G
oh and Steve, the floor of the church reminded me of being in Guatemala. And speaking of Gmala ...I'll talk to Fit and see if she and I (Fun) can get our exercise video made sometime. :)