Saturday, December 22, 2007


What a day! Not to rub it in, but we safaried today in a big way. In the morning, Bradyn was not feeling very well and so Stephanie volunteered to stay home with Bradyn. So, Kamryn, Julia and I ventured into the wildness of Mosi-O-Tunya drive yourself safari. It was a great morning as we saw a giraffe and Kudu and monkeys. During our exploration, we saw a ranger outpost and in asking some questions, saw the that man was reading a Bible. So, I asked if He wanted to learn better how to study it:) I shared the inductive Bible study principles in a few minutes. It was a cool opportunity. On the way out of the park, we passed by two giraffes on the main road and got so close we probably could have touched them. On the way out we stopped and gave some skittles to these cute little Zambians.

So, we came home super fired up!!! But, we had to temper it so Bradyn and Stephanie wouldn't feel bad. After lunch, we decided to go back again as a whole family, since you pay for a 1 day pass. Brady was still feeling pretty bad, and I was feeling pressure to find her something quick. I prayed to see something good and quick. Well, we didn't find really anything. We turned down one road, to no avail, and then as we were driving off, Stephanie yells, "Giraffe" and sure enough just across the grassy way there were three awesome giraffe. As we sat and took pictures and looked at the giraffe, all of a sudden, Kamryn yells, "Elephant." We were like "What? Where? There it is!!!" And sure enough, a herd of 5 elephants were walking through the wild. We quickly turned around and witnessed probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. There were five huge African elephants walking. It was majestic, awe-inspiring and breathtaking. It was very rare to see the elephants. The lady on the way out said that we were the luckiest because hardly no one sees them. I wish I would have told her that I had prayed. I know that it wasn't the most noble of requests, but I'll still give God the glory. We followed the giraffe down the road until a huge mud puddle scared us away. (We got stuck in a mud puddle a bit earlier and didn't want it to happen again!) We saw some wild boar and some giraffe and the cutest little monkeys. It was an amazing time and if Bradyn and Stephanie hadn't missed the morning safari, we probably would not have gone back in the afternoon and we wouldn't have seen the elephants. Bradyn is feeling better now... We are off to see the falls tomorrow if the Lord wills... Thanks!

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