Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Teaching and yet learning

My time in Garden at the pastors Philippians’ study has been so great and God continues to encourage me through it. I know that most missionaries don’t share about every meeting in a blog, but I can’t refrain from sharing the blessings of God to me. Don’t read if you don’t want. I am cool with that. But, I can’t not give some glory to my God. Yesterday at the beginning of the study, Peter talked to me about his preaching up at the eastern province. He then transitioned into speaking about Inductive study. He said, “The pastors in the northern province and the eastern province and western province and the southern province do not have this material. Only Lusaka has this material and we need to go and teach this to them.” Another student in that class said, “Yes, preaching through the Bible is not doing here in Zambia. No one is doing this.” Peter interrupted and said something like, “Yes, we used to all teach heresy, preaching verses here and there. But now we are going to be able to preach through Philippians and then Genesis and then a New Testament book. We are learning that you have to preach through the book to be able to know all that God says. This is so important.” He then shared how his wife wanted to learn so much how to study the word like him, and so he taught his wife each step of the inductive study method. I wonder if you know how to study the Word of God, inductively. I have seen a lot of different methods and many of them seem very complicated. They fit different people with that detailed kind of personality. But, for the rest of us, I have seen how God can open our eyes to understanding the riches of the Word of God. It is when you begin to study the word and understand it that you see why the Bible is sweeter than honey, worth more than gold, delights the soul and refreshes the heart. Anyway, for this study, they were supposed to have a sermon written up. But, for most of them, there was either a funeral, a conference or something else. There were three that did an outline. It was really cool to see the three that did, and though they were a little off, to see them beginning to get it was encouraging. I then taught on preaching, the strategy and the approach on how to move from an outline to a fleshed out sermon. I then preached my sermon to them. It is funny how they call me their teacher. I feel like I learn so much more from them. Peter was sharing how he used to go to jails and asked to be locked in with the prisoners so he could preach to them. These pastors give so much of their time and money to minister for the gospel. It has been a blessing to learn from them.

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