Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The going on's of us

Just thought I would give you a random update...

You have to vote on Kamryn's new poll... Talk about the lesser of two evils. Come walk in our shoes and vote (and make her day!)

Stephanie is still very sick... Nauseous all day, every day... just laying in bed. She got up for orientation today which was good, but seeing her now, it seemed it took a lot out of her. As you can imagine the craziness that is my life, not to mention the exhaustion of running a family. I have a new appreciation and understanding of the plight of single parents (in a small way) and I renewed commitment to do what I can to help ease the burden. It has been great though to be a little more involved in homeschooling and life like that. Please pray for her...

Because there is a family staying her today, I could sneak out to the pastor's study today and I wish I could just describe the devastation that rain has on dirt compounds like these. Walking and driving are almost impossible chores. Mud everywhere, from the front door to the main road. Rain turning roads into streams. It is crazy. It was great to see these guys who just welcomed me back. In the craziness, I had not realized how much I appreciate and love them. We kicked back off in Philippians today and it made my day.

I have been working on my Fear (not) devotional blog. It is about 75 days strong, 2 sets of verses for each day, one that commands us not to fear and the other commands us to Fear God... If you are looking for some good verses on fear, check out the blog here at www.fear365not.com.

Here is a great story if you are into the lovey dovey hand me a tissue love story things. Even if you are not, it is actually an amazing story of how a Russian married couple finds each other 60 years later.

Lastly, on a comment a few weeks ago, someone asked me to teach Inductive Study via the blog. I really appreciated being asked and so I plan to do that in the next few days, just to at least share what I am sharing with the pastors.

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