Monday, January 07, 2008

Is three enough?

Ever since I got my Google reader up and running, (is there a microsoft reader?) I have been enjoying an onslaught of great blogs. I wanted to pass on three to you that I have found to be challenging or helpful or encouraging or all of the above:

For teenagers and young adults, this blog call "The Rebelution" is wonderfully challenging, pertinent, cutting edge and extremely biblical. You may remember Josh Harris of "I Kissed dating goodbye." Well, his two younger twin brothers have started a site and now published their own book on helping young adults "do the hard thing!" I can't recommend it enough!

For godly words and challenging thoughts, look no further than John Piper and his team at Desiring God to produce a blog that is current, thought provoking and biblical.

If there is ever a guy who is famous as a blogger, it is Tim Challies. He blogs for a living, in addition to writing a book and doing websites for people. His "a la carte" every day of interesting tidbits around the web is worth a subscription alone.

Sometimes less is more, so that is what I leave with you today.

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Anonymous said...

is there a microsoft reader?

Sure, go to, click on personalize page (upper right), sign in with your liveid or hotmail account (upper right again) and then click on add stuff (upper left). Go to advanced options to search for feeds or to add the feed URL directly.