Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kamryn, Kelly, Court, cops and cool...

Kamryn woke up early this morning with a stomache, and after some throwing up and her chest tightening and other stuff, she slept all morning which is not really like her. Stephanie woke her up at lunch time and she seemed to be herself the rest of the day, for which I am really thankful. Please keep her in your prayers...

Kelly is painting our house... I am going to tell his story tomorrow, show a picture and I am going to see if any of you can help me help him.

Court - The Murphy's (see pictures of Munda Wanga) are trying to get all the documents for their adopted son, so they can get home. They hoped to be home by Christmas and now they are here for who knows how long. It is difficult getting all the documents signed, and those who are supposed to sign documents want bribes... Please pray for them.

Cops - I am not sure what the deal is with me and the police here. Today on the way to the airport, at a routine police check, where they usually just wave you by, he wanted to see my license, which was a temporary one while I am waiting for the card, which was expired, and he wanted to charge me a fine. I argued and he let me go.

Cool - Lusaka has been cool this past month. Abnormal amount of rains have led to cool temperatures, lots of flooding, and muddy roads. Weird to feel like I am back in Seattle in the spring!

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